1. waduh ni ikut2 tan kayak linux aja banyak distro banyak komunitas …, yang penting ga kaya kpli (suwung) hehe

    jaya pengurus baru buktikan keberadaan mu pantas daripada komunitas lain…

    nb: leh ngabung ga?

  2. Windows’ installer is bsiacally designed to be alone, so install Windows first, and then install Linux, and the Linux installer will typically have an option to install a menu that lets you pick between itself and Windows. During the Windows install, if I remember right then there’s a thing to set up partitions, try setting it up so that maybe 15gb of your main drive is used by Windows as C:, and then let Linux use the rest of the drive, or something like that. Your file storage drive is likely partitioned as NTFS, you’ll likely want to back it up, and re-partition it as FAT32 so that Linux and XP both can use it.I haven’t used Ubuntu, so I don’t know what exactly the install icon does, it might give you options to do everything you want. Some installers will let you resize your current Windows partition so that you don’t have to reinstall XP, and things like that. I would look at a Ubuntu FAQ and see if it sounds like it does everything that you’d be interested in doing, and then back up everything important before doing anything.